Prescription Processing Channel

FourSquare is the Channel that works for prescriptions to flow in selected network of pharmacies across the nation/ region. FourSquare promote patient’s accessibility to such prescriptions through scientific approach which puts all stakeholders in win-win structure.

FoureSquare Workflow


The primary stakeholders are brand drug Manufacturers, Patients, and Pharmacies. FourSquare Collaboratively Works with brand drug Manufacturers and pharmacies to achieve final fulfillment of prescriptions. FourSquare assumes a systemic Workflow to ensure a smooth process from prescribing to dispensing.

Secondary Stakeholders

The Prescribers will be able to work with organized and systematic network with little engagement of office resources.

Medication Dispensing Channel

FourSquare manages a prescription processing channel, which works with thousands of pharmacies across the Nation. FourSquare works on a well-defined algorithm to achieve successful fulfillment for the prescribed medication.

At FourSquare, a group of highly skilled and professional pharmacists and pharmacy technicians collaboratively work toward one aimed outcome: Availability of prescriptions to those who intended to receive from network pharmacies.

Our team of professionals have a cumulative experience of +100 years in arena of specialty pharmacy including, but not limited to (Orphan Medications, Oncology, Autoimmune, and other specialty drugs).