End to End Solution for Brand Name Drugs

Patient Eligibility Determination Firm

Physicians are very important cornerstone in success of product in healthcare. Promoted Rx products gets prescribed as physicians and office staff are convinced about the product. It takes a lot of effort to get to this level where physicians and office staff are on board for the product to be prescribed for benefit of patient.

It takes a toll on office staff and eventually physicians if following most common hurdles becomes part of routine day at the office and at this point promoted products lose its CHARISMA in the office and result in decline in number of prescriptions and eventually failure in market.

  • High Copay
  • Non preferred tier with PBM
  • Required Prior Authorization
  • Denied PA needing Appeal
  • Pharmacy not part of patient’s plan
  • Limitations of pharmacy for certain Plan or Drug
  • Phone calls/Faxes for supportive documents

What FourSquare brings on table for clinics

  • A Channel of Pharmacy Network
  • Patient Eligibility determination
  • Formulary determination
  • Prior Authorization
  • Denied PA needing Appeal
  • Reduced Phone Calls/ Faxes
  • Reduced burden on staff
  • Trackable status of Rx
  • Happy Patient
  • Copay and Patient Assistance Programs
  • One stop shop
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