Patient Assistance Program Administration

Manufacturer bring products to market and promote with allotted resources. The resources are expensive to have and there are never enough. With lots hurdles and competition some products make it and some never come to the surface and sink to the bottom. There are multiple reasons for product to face unsuccessful outcome, out of which some of known factors are listed below.

  • PBM Formulary
  • Copay
  • Competitor’s strategy
  • Market dynamics
The most unnoticed factor is the Channel these products processed through from its intro & growth phase till it hits plateau of product life cycle.

What FourSquare brings on table for Manufacturers

  • Rx validation
  • Patient Demographic
  • Primary Insurance Validation
  • Product Formulary eligibility
  • Prior Authorization
  • Secondary Plan Administration
  • Patient Assistance Program Administration
  • COB Validation
  • Fulfillment of the Rx product
  • Feedback from Patient

Sign Agreement

Workflow Establishment

Representative Advice Prescribers about FourSquare network

Prescriber Send Prescriptions to FourSquare Channel.

Data Sharing - Drug Assistance Programs

Pharmacies affiliated to FourSquares Network are mandated to report the sent prescription status and HIPPA compliant data back to the HUB network including (processing time, pick up confirmation, refills, renewals, and transfers if applicable). Reporting will allow to understand the product processing behavior within the network and provides DATA to be shared with manufacturers to allow for better traceability of the product and to allow for better decision making.

Pharmacy processes prescription.

Pharmacy Report to FourSquares Network

HIPPA compliant report is reported to manufacturers via secure portals