Manufacturers Advantages of
Collaboration with FourSquare

  • Ready to use network of Pharmacies
  • Enhance the probability of insurance Coverage
  • Fulfillment of the Product
  • Reduction in overhead cost
  • End-to-End Enhance traceability of products dispensing
  • Reporting Data regarding the product
  • Accountable partner in product marketing with common goal.

Clinics advantage of
collaboration with FourSquare.

Physician’s office gets most advantage collaborating with FourSquare as reduction of Burden on staff as some of the work related to prescriptions, communications to PBM or to various pharmacies and patient are handled by FourSquare. Some offices have utilized staff doing other productive work and some of the offices has chosen to cut the expenses by reducing payroll.

Medication Assistance Programs

    Types of Practices get benefited:

  • PCP -Independent Offices
  • Specialist/ Multi Specialists
  • Large Chain of clinics
  • Tele medicine
  • ACO
  • Visiting Physicians
  • Various other practioners

Other advantages of Joining FourSquare including but not limited:

  • An established channel of Pharmacy Network
  • Patient Eligibility determination
  • Formulary determination
  • Prior Authorization
  • Denied PA needing Appeal
  • Reduced Phone Calls/ Faxes
  • Reduced burden on staff
  • Trackable status of Rx
  • Patient Updates
  • Copay and Patient Assistance Programs
  • Accountable and reliable expectation
  • One stop shop

Pharmacies Advantages of
Collaboration with FourSquare

Eligible Pharmacies are welcomed to Join FourSquare Network, where FourSquare will positively impact their workflow and will enhance coverage odds.

Other advantages of Joining FourSquare including but not limited:

  • New Rx/Customer
  • Patient Demographic Details
  • Primary Insurance Details
  • Secondary Plan Details
  • Patient Assistance Program

Pharmacies Advantages of
Collaboration with FourSquare

  •  Enhanced accessibility to high quality and cutting-edge brand medications
  • Better quality of care
  • Personalized services
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced Satisfaction