Pharmacy Network Channel

Pharmacies are cornerstone in prescription fulfillment and the gate keeper for the last step before medications are dispensed and become under patient’s possession. However, due to strict regulatory and third Party (PBM) Policies regarding promoted prescription product the hurdles of coverage are troublesome for both Patient’s and Pharmacists.

What FourSquare brings on
table for Pharmacies

  • New Rx/Customer
  • Patient Demographic Details
  • Primary Insurance Details
  • Secondary Plan Details
  • Patient Assistance Program

What FourSquare brings on table for Manufacturers

Pharmacies are accredited to our network after submitting proofs of good compliance to laws, regulations, and professional pharmacy practice. Pharmacy can join our network through the following steps process:

1- Fill the Enrollment form

2- Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

3- Submit the supportive documents

4- Get store account number

Fill the Enrollment form

Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Submit the supportive documents

Get store account number

Copay and Patient Assistance Programs

Once Pharmacy is approved automatically it will be allocated in the 5th tier, which is the highest tier the pharmacy can be at the FourSquare network. It is the pharmacy’s responsibility to comply with the FourSquare’s scoring system to maintain itself in the 5th tier. As the pharmacy maintain its noncompliance, it will be down ranked to lower tiers (4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st) if pharmacy kept being non-compliant it will be subjected to contract termination and exclusion of the network.

FourSquare scoring System, is based on the Following points:

  • Compliance with the mandatory reporting (The more the better)
  • Number of refills (The more the better)
  • Number of prior Authorizations done (The more the better)
  • Number of Coupons used (The less the better)
  • Efficiency of coupon used (The more the better)
  • Delivery timelines (The less the better)
  • Number of RTS in 14 days (The less the better)
  • Timeline in reporting (the less the better)

Dear Pharmacists,

we all are striving to improve the accessibility of our patients to Selected specialty medications, and to achieve this success we have created a network of reliable pharmacy partners who would align with our vision of making these selected specialty medications accessible to patients in most need of these medications.

Throughout this source, prescriptions are assigned to pharmacies based on several criteria including adherence to terms and conditions of our network.

All pharmacies willing to carry & dispense such medications may begin to enroll via filling the form below: