5 Ways Pharmacies Can Ensure Good Dispensing Practice


A good dispensing practice is necessary to ensure safe and effective medicine dispensation to patients. Generally, it’s recommended every medical facility has a policy outlining how they want their dispensing practices to be conducted for better dispensing. While this sounds obvious, there are many medication errors occurring annually which can prove costly for your business and can also put your patients at risk.

Check out these tips to reduce to medication errors and maintain the highest quality and most cost-effective medication dispensing practice:

1. Ensure that all Staff Members are Trained Properly

All staff members should be well-trained on how to dispense medicines, especially those who are responsible for this task. The training should include guidelines on how to handle different types of medications and dosages, as well as the proper storage conditions and safe handling procedures.

This ensures that patients receive safe treatment from qualified professionals who have undergone rigorous training and can confidently prescribe appropriate medications to treat their condition.

2. Secure Storage Area for Medications

Ensure that you have safe storage space for medications, both behind the counter and out of sight from customers. This will help prevent loss or theft of drugs and ensure the safety of your customers and staff members.

3. Adhere to Strict Safety Guidelines

When prescribing or supplying medication, follow strict guidelines laid down by the governing body. Knowing that you adhere to all the safety guidelines gives patients a peace of mind. They will visit your pharmacy again and again as they know you follow all safety standards.

 4. Implement Policies to Handle Controlled Substances

You can implement policies to handle controlled substances. For example, you can have a locked cabinet or safe to store controlled substances. Only limited people have the authority to access these substances at all times.

5. Adopt Measures to Prevent Diversion of Controlled Substances

Develop a written plan for the safe use of controlled substances. This plan is part of your pharmacy’s DEA registration and must be updated annually to reflect changes in your retail pharmacy operation.