How Can Pharmacies Minimize Medication Errors?


An undesirable aspect of the healthcare system is medication errors. Poor-quality medications pose a concern to public health since they can cause serious illness in patients. It is a serious issue that might trigger a patient’s health emergency.

Despite previously just focusing on dispensing, pharmacists and pharmacies now play a crucial role in maintaining pharmaceutical safety throughout the continuum of care too. Still, sometimes there are medication errors. Pharmacies can reduce medication errors and improve patient care for a safer health care system. Let’s find out how pharmacies can avoid medication errors.

Patient Education

Pharmacists must educate patients about appropriate medication use. Proper education empowers patients to participate in their health care and safeguard themselves against medication-related errors. They can educate patients about:

● Checking the expiration date of medicines and disposing of expired drugs
● The necessity of taking the drugs prescribed to them
● How to store certain drugs properly
● Potential side-effects of drugs and what to do in case of any side-effects

Prior-Authorization Programs

Prior drug authorization procedures should be used to offer good prescription drug benefits. Improving patient safety by promoting appropriate drug use is an integral function of prior authorization programs. For instance, because the Accutane drug has a high incidence of causing birth abnormalities, prior permission is necessary to ensure that no pregnant women receive this prescription.

Bar Coding

The use of standard, machine-readable codes, generally known as bar codes, can reduce medication errors and ensure pharmacists about quality care and patient safety. It helps ensure that the proper medication and the correct dose of medicine are administered to the right patient.

How Can FourSquare Help Pharmacists?

At FourSquare, we work to make it easier for patients to receive safe pharmaceuticals. We have built a network of trustworthy pharmacy partners who share our objective of providing patients with access to safe pharmaceuticals while upholding all safety standards. Pharmacies that are willing to partner with us can book an appointment with us! Give us a call at 877-811-1129 or leave an email at [email protected]