How Manufacturers can Benefit by Partnering with A Trusted Prescription Processing Channel


Manufacturers introduce brand drugs to the market regularly. While some drugs become popular, others receive negative reception. Some reasons for the same are competitor’s strategy, copay, PBM formulary, market dynamics, etc. But the primary reason that often
goes unnoticed is choosing the wrong prescription processing channel. That’s where FourSquare comes into the picture.

FourSquare is a reliable and trustable prescription processing channel that works with manufacturers, patients, and pharmacies to achieve the final fulfillment of prescriptions.

How can FourSquare help manufacturers?


FourSquare allows the flow of prescriptions in a selected network of pharmacies. Our network consists of thousands of pharmacies located throughout the country. We have highly skilled and professional pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. They work together to make prescriptions available to those who want to receive drugs from network pharmacies.

Manufacturers who partner with us will get to distribute their products throughout the US. The professional pharmacists associated with us process the prescriptions and send us a report. The HIPPA-compliant report generated is then sent to manufacturers through a secure portal. It will help you understand the product processing behavior, allow you to trace the product, and empower you to make better decisions. With us, you will get:

  • Rx validation
  • Access to patient demographic
  • Primary insurance validation
  • Secondary plan administration
  • Patient Assistance Program Administration
  • COB validation
  • Fulfillment of the Rx product

Benefits for manufacturers

  • Access to the most current and accurate data
  • Reduction of overhead cost
  • Enhance the probability of insurance coverage
  • Better insight into sales team performance
  • Track products and make realistic assessments of their performance in the market

Final Words

Collaborating with FourSquare will help manufacturers market their products throughout the US, understand how their drugs are performing in the market and help them make better decisions. Contact us at 877-811-1129 or send an email at [email protected] to become our partner.