How Manufacturers can Improve Drug Transparency by Collaborating with FourSquare?


Change is an inevitable factor in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. What worked a few years ago won’t work today. Today most drug manufacturers are trying to be transparent as there is a demand for more visibility into how drugs are developed, priced and distributed.

FourSquare plays a key role in helping manufacturers become more transparent by providing them with the correct drug cost data and a visible medication dispensing process. Besides these, there are other ways FourSquare is continuously helping manufacturers improve drug transparency. Let’s see how.

1. Real-time Tracking

FourSquare enables full visibility by offering real-time tracking of drugs. Right from the time the medicines are taken to be dispensed till they reach the customers, the whole process is tracked in real-time. It eliminates any discrepancy and keeps you informed about every step of the medication dispensation.

 2. Fair Pricing

Unlike other pharmacies, as a reputed medication dispensing channel, FourSquare provides fair dealing drug prices that help to strengthen the public and manufacturers’ trust. It also ensures that its partners offer fair pricing and have pricing transparency.

3. Full Access to Information

Many manufacturing companies suffer big-time damage due to the lack of transparency they share with their pharmacists. But it is not the case with FourSquare. We offer manufacturers all the information about how the drug performs in the market right from the time it is dispensed.

4. Efficient Supply Chain

Most drug manufacturing industries have complex supply chains that go under-utilized, are inefficient and suffer from ill-equipped protocols. FourSquare has a simple yet effective supply chain, making everything easier for you.

5. Experienced Team

FourSquare has experience that has been accumulated over years. Our team has the wisdom and knowledge to help manufacturing companies deal with uncertainties effortlessly.

Final Words

FourSquare constantly works with all its stakeholders to increase transparency and improve the quality of our services. If you wish to collaborate with a reliable medication processing channel then get in touch with us. Contact us today to book your appointment.