How Dispensing Medicines Can Provide Greater Patient Satisfaction?

Medication dispensing allows for the delivery of prescribed drugs to patients in physician practices and other clinical settings. New technologies have made dispensing medicines a safe, effective, and economical option. Patients look for a reliable medication dispensing channel that allows them to communicate openly and offers excellent service. Here are a few listed ways how medicine dispensing…


How Can Pharmacies Minimize Medication Errors?

An undesirable aspect of the healthcare system is medication errors. Poor-quality medications pose a concern to public health since they can cause serious illness in patients. It is a serious issue that might trigger a patient’s health emergency. Despite previously just focusing on dispensing, pharmacists and pharmacies now play a crucial role in maintaining pharmaceutical…


How Manufacturers can Benefit by Partnering with A Trusted Prescription Processing Channel

Manufacturers introduce brand drugs to the market regularly. While some drugs become popular, others receive negative reception. Some reasons for the same are competitor’s strategy, copay, PBM formulary, market dynamics, etc. But the primary reason that often goes unnoticed is choosing the wrong prescription processing channel. That’s where FourSquare comes into the picture. FourSquare is…