How Can Manufacturers Ensure Medication Safety?


Medication errors are a serious issue, especially in the healthcare industry. According to researchers, medication errors cause serious patient harm and also lead to preventable deaths.

Manufacturers can play a vital role in reducing medication errors and keeping patients safe. While pharmacists are often the trusted source for right  medication information, manufacturers can make it easier for pharmacists to provide medication safety services and ensure medication safety. Let us see how.

Better Communication

One of the biggest causes of medication errors is poor communication between the manufacturers and pharmacists. Mistakes can happen when a doctor or pharmacist gets the wrong medication, so a better network where communication is made easy during the prescription process is required.

Paperless Technology 

The best way to avoid medication errors is to use technology to help create a paperless system. This means that all prescriptions should be electronically transmitted from the supply chain to the pharmacy so that patients can get the right medications and there are minimum chances of medication errors.

Efficient Transfer Process

Medication errors can occur when a medication order is filled by a distributor, who then transfers it to a pharmacist. This transfer process can result in additional errors if the pharmacist does not correctly verify that the correct drug has been ordered. Hence, an efficient transfer process is a must.

Abide By Safety Protocols

It is important that manufacturers follow all safety protocols when working with medications and other hazardous materials such as cleaning solutions, etc.  Following and adhering by the safety protocols should be exercised to minimise the medication errors.

Medication errors are a serious concern both for patients and pharmaceutical companies. What needs to be done is to improve communication, use efficient process and follow all safety protocols. Further, manufacturers need to stay on their toes and work will full dedication and create innovative solutions to the problems they encounter.