How Can Manufacturers Ensure Medication Safety?

Medication errors are a serious issue, especially in the healthcare industry. According to researchers, medication errors cause serious patient harm and also lead to preventable deaths. Manufacturers can play a vital role in reducing medication errors and keeping patients safe. While pharmacists are often the trusted source for right  medication information, manufacturers can make it…


Understanding the Prescription Drug Supply Chain

The prescription drug supply chain paves the way for patients to receive medicines that are manufactured and delivered in a prescribed way. It may seem to be an easy process. But in reality, the prescription drug supply chain network is very complex. It involves several factors that must be taken into account to ensure that…


The Role of Pharmacies in Pain Medication Management

Pharmacies play an important role in the pain medication management as they have the responsibility to check if the patients are receiving the appropriate therapies and medications. What other roles they have in pain medication management? Let us find out. Suggest Effective Treatment Pharmacists working with pharmacies don’t just help patients with proper assessment of pain…