5 Ways Pharmacies can Benefit by Teaming up with Prescription Processing Channels

Pharmacies are usually the key source of medications for their patients and for the community. They help patients stay healthy and safe by providing them the access to medication. By partnering with a prescription processing channel, they can provide these services to their patients more efficiently and in a timely manner. Let us talk about…


How End-To-End Product Traceability Can Benefit Manufacturers?

End-to-end product traceability is one of the most crucial elements in supply chain management. The process of product traceability provides a real-time, complete and accurate record of every single stage involved in handling medicinal products. It enables the identification of every single defect or error within the production cycle. End-to-end product traceability can benefit manufacturers…


Understanding the Prescription Drug Supply Chain

The prescription drug supply chain paves the way for patients to receive medicines that are manufactured and delivered in a prescribed way. It may seem to be an easy process. But in reality, the prescription drug supply chain network is very complex. It involves several factors that must be taken into account to ensure that…