How End-To-End Product Traceability Can Benefit Manufacturers?


End-to-end product traceability is one of the most crucial elements in supply chain management. The process of product traceability provides a real-time, complete and accurate record of every single stage involved in handling medicinal products. It enables the identification of every single defect or error within the production cycle. End-to-end product traceability can benefit manufacturers in the following ways:

Product Security 

End-to-end product traceability empowers manufacturers with information that can prevent or mitigate risks of injuries and damages caused by faulty materials or faulty quality. It also enables them to better address customer complaints about quality issues and ensure product security.

Product Recall Management

With product recall management manufacturers can identify, investigate, and correct the risk associated with a product or service. It also allows tracking products from the beginning of the production process through distribution, so manufacturers can quickly identify where flaws occurred and which batches need to be pulled from stores.

Quality Control Management 

A manufacturer’s primary concern is quality control management. End-to-end product traceability enables manufacturers to monitor every step of production, from raw materials sourced to the production of final product. This allows them to detect any problem early enough so that they can take corrective action before too many defective products reach consumers.

Reduce the Risk of Recalls  

With end-to-end product traceability, it’s easy for manufacturers to identify exactly where the problem lies by tracking each part of the supply chain from start to finish (including suppliers). This enables them to quickly identify which parts need fixing or replacing before they reach consumers and cause problems with their health or safety.

End-to-end traceability is a holistic approach to improving workplace safety, efficiency and brand identity. At FourSquare, we have implemented end-to-end traceability. If you want to leverage the benefits of end-to-end traceability, partner with FourSquare today. Book an appointment to collaborate with us.